Liberty and Property

Liberty and Property

Liberty and Property

Liberty and Property


In The First Frontier, published three years ago, we followed the adventures, hopes, failures and successes of the early English settlers in America.

The present volume carries the story forward a century--from the 1660's to the eve of the Revolution. It was a period of great expansion and fateful decision.

We see new colonies being added along the Atlantic coast --sugar planters from Barbados settling in Carolina; Quakers creating a "Holy Experiment" in Pennsylvania; professional philanthropists founding Georgia.

We see great tobacco and rice plantations arising in Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas--operated by slave labor-- the masters living in homes that are still the admiration of all who view them.

We see the forests of New England being turned into ships that roved the Seven Seas--bringing to their owners wealth that established colleges, libraries and hospitals.

We see pirate captains hobnobbing with royal governors of New York--Connecticut and New Jersey farm boys returning from illicit voyages to the Indian Ocean, their pockets bulging with Arabian Gold.

We see hard-bitten traders pushing their packtrains ever farther along the Indian paths--southward toward the Spanish in Florida, westward over the mountains toward the French forts on the Ohio River.

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