Women in Communication: A Biographical Sourcebook

Women in Communication: A Biographical Sourcebook

Women in Communication: A Biographical Sourcebook

Women in Communication: A Biographical Sourcebook


Profiles outstanding women in communication, including pioneers in journalism, contemporary media professionals, and scholars.


This is a story of achievement. It is a compilation of essays about the lives and accomplishments of a group of communication professionals, women in communication. Those who are profiled in this book have had remarkable lives of achievement. Many have overcome obstacles that would not have been experienced by their male peers. They all have offered respected and valued professional service. They all have contributed to the discovery, synthesis, or application of knowledge about communication's significant role in society. They have done so primarily in academia, broadcasting, and journalism.

This book is an important biographic and bibliographic sourcebook. It ineludes an array of people in myriad positions. It also includes representative publications and other contributions. Many of those profiled have substantial academic credentials and come from that branch of the profession. They offer significant records of scholarly and administrative accomplishments. Others have gained recognition in the communication industry, politics, and public service.

All the women profiled in this book have furthered our understanding of the important role that communication plays in our lives and in the functioning of societies. They have been and continue to be important mentors to their students, apprentices, and colleagues. All their stories tell us about an interesting series of choices, obstacles, and opportunities. the profiles reveal how these professionals have achieved success despite the different expectations, demands, rewards, and recognition they experienced as compared with their male colleagues who occupied similar positions and enjoyed more favorable routes to success.

Most of the women included in this compilation are currently active professionals. Clearly, other deserving communication professionals could have been included. Some may find fault with who is omitted or who received briefer . . .

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