Career Barriers: How People Experience, Overcome, and Avoid Failure

Career Barriers: How People Experience, Overcome, and Avoid Failure

Career Barriers: How People Experience, Overcome, and Avoid Failure

Career Barriers: How People Experience, Overcome, and Avoid Failure


This book will assist the reader understand what career barriers are, how people respond to them and hoe to avoid them or be proepared to respond constructively to carrier barriers.


This book is for people who are experiencing, or have experienced, career barriers and want to learn constructive responses. It is also for students at the start of their careers and seasoned employees who want to avoid career barriers or be prepared to deal with them. In addition, the book is for managers, human resource professionals, and researchers who want to understand how people confront career barriers.

We tend to think of careers in a positive way. When we are young, we have high expectations; we look ahead to wonderful accomplishments and we are certain that our hard work, career devotion, and arduous preparation will pay off. Whether our career goal is to make a fortune, gain recognition and status, or do interesting and challenging work, there's nothing we cannot do! We are energized and rating to go. Many of us sacrifice time with our family or friends for the sake of our career. Some of us delay starting a family or decide not to marry in order to devote ourselves fully to our profession.

We do not anticipate what might happen if our career goals are not met. We do not worry much about hitting the glass ceiling, we do not anticipate that the company to which we devote our lives will downsize and put us out on the street at age 50, we do not believe that by age 30 we will have achieved the most responsible position we will ever have, and we do not foresee having an abusive boss who places unreasonable demands on our time and energy. We also cannot imagine that our creative ideas will go unrewarded, we do not believe we are capable of making an error that cannot be fixed, and we do not view ourselves having a physical illness or handicap. We know such things happen, but we do not plan or prepare for them any more than we anticipate other unpredictable, unfortunate events in our lives.

However, career barriers are not unusual and never have been. They are ordinary experiences. They can happen to anyone in any walk of life -- executive or secretary, artist or mechanic, physician or janitor. Some career barriers pop up out of nowhere, like a major accident. Others emerge slowly from the daily pressures of life. People feel them deeply and painfully regardless of how and why they happen. Consider the young faculty member . . .

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