Early American Churches


Of the original church buildings in the American colonies there is none now standing, and but a few of even the second or third generations of structures are to-day remaining; but these first buildings were after all temporary, usually mere sheds, and we do still possess not a great proportion but a very considerable number of the buildings which the different congregations considered of definitive worthiness for the worship of God. The number of these has unfortunately dwindled; the perishable materials of which many of them were composed, the aspirations of unlettered congregations toward new-fashioned things, and the removal of population from its old centres have lost to us many of them, and while the recent deep and general interest in the things connected with the formative period in America will do much to arrest the general destruction of these buildings, it has seemed to the writer that while there was yet time, it was worth while to gather together into one volume photographs and brief histories of those that still survive, both because of the intrinsic beauty of many of the buildings, and because they are the foci of so many interesting or glorious traditions.

During the past five years the writer has made a very . . .

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  • Garden City, NY
Publication year:
  • 1914


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