The Bondman: An Antient Storie

The Bondman: An Antient Storie

The Bondman: An Antient Storie

The Bondman: An Antient Storie


Several of Massinger's plays have been edited in recent years, under the direction of Professor T. M. Parrott, by candidates for the doctorate at Princeton University; and others have been edited or are in preparation at Bryn Mawr College, under the direction of Professor Samuel C. Chew. This edition was presented to the Department of English of the University of Cincinnati as a doctoral dissertation, and, in publishing it, I wish to acknowledge the kindness of Dr. Parrott and Dr. Chew in encouraging me to undertake it.

My work has been done under the guidance of Professor Robert Shafer, who, during the course of my investigations, has given unstintedly of his counsel and help, has supplied me with invaluable references and materials, and at every turn has clarified difficulties and offered constructive suggestions. Much of the material, moreover, in my account of the rise of neo-Stoicism in the Renaissance was derived from his presentation of this movement in a series of lectures to graduate students of the University.

I was also aided by Mr. W. G. Crane, who kindly examined for me editions of The Bondman in the Bodleian and in the British Museum. And I owe a large debt to my wife, whose assistance has been constant in both the gathering and the arrangement of the material, and in the preparation of my manuscript.

To the staff of the Princeton University Library I am indebted for numerous courtesies extended while I was carrying on my researches in Princeton. At the McGill University Library and the Library of Congress, also, pleasant conditions facilitated my work. To the University of Chicago I am indebted for the loan of Massinger editions. The Morgan Library and the Rosenbach Company of New York very graciously permitted me to examine quartos in their possession. And the Graduate School of the University of Cincinnati secured for my use rotographs, from the Huntington Library, the Bodleian, and the British Museum, without which my edition could not have been completed.

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