The Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo


"The majority of the stories of the Alamo fight have been partly legendary, partly hearsay and at best fragmentary. It has been left to John Myers Myers to present an exhaustively researched book which reveals the chronicle of the siege of the Alamo in an entirely different light.... Myers' story will stand as the best that has yet been written on the Alamo.... It's a classic."-Boston Post

"Here is a historian with the vitality and drive to match his subject. A reporter of the first rank, he can clothe the dry bones of history with the living stuff of which today's news is made."-Chicago Tribune

John Myers Myers authored sixteen books, including Doc Holliday and Tombstone's Early Years, also available as Bison Books.


In the absence of footnotes it seems fitting to make a statement about the source material of the ensuing narrative.

Barring versions which may exist in manuscript, this is the first chronicle of the Alamo which seeks to present the story of that historic structure in full. Finding and assembling the necessary parts has been a fascinating but, at the same time, complicated business. Before they could be recognized with sureness, many of the scattered pieces were walked past time and again. Dozens upon dozens of those available were suspect upon discovery because mutually contradictory. The spurious could only be discarded with confidence after months of reviewing and collating.

It was at first surprising that information about so famous a fort should be hard to come by. In the light of actualities no surprise should have been felt. The truth is that the story of the Alamo is at once familiar to everybody and not known at all. The name has always been one to conjure with; but the name has belonged to a formless, if glorious, shade rather than to a solid body. Outside of Texas even contemporaries of the siege had little accurate information.

The few people who did know the story, or parts of it, at firsthand were not professional writers, and no enterprising historian sought them out. In the fashion of the day some of them wrote private journals, most of which have achieved . . .

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