Edmund Blunden

Edmund Blunden

Edmund Blunden

Edmund Blunden


Early in 194 the young schoolboy, Edmund Blunden, interviewed an unworldly bookseller and printer in Horsham. His purpose was to discover the cost of publishing two slight 'volumes' of poems at his own expense. One contained translations from French poets, and the other a collection of English verses that imaged more than a schoolboy's dream of the countryside. It is to the credit of the printer that he agreed, and thought financial settlements unimportant; he may have glimpsed the young poet's later thoughts:

How many doting eyes of poets dead

Have known and lost the Spirit of this sweet land

Who to young wonder glows! and as I read,

Longing in past enchanted vales to stand,

From pages hid away by time, or crowned

With timeless laurels, oft on a sudden arose

The mist of magic, and old haunted ground

Shone with the Spirit who to young wonder glows.

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