Arkansas: A Guide to the State

Arkansas: A Guide to the State

Arkansas: A Guide to the State

Arkansas: A Guide to the State


Arkansas: A Guide to the State is the work of a group of research assistants, writers, and editors, who have been aided by scores of volunteer consultants. Because the economic patterns and the folkways of the State have changed greatly in a decade, it has been especially necessary in Arkansas to add to the material obtained from official agencies facts and ideas acquired from the man in the street. Whether questions were asked of apple growers or archeologists, highway engineers or historians, postmasters or professors, the answers were invariably courteous and informative.

To obtain information for the guide, workers of the Arkansas Writers' Project have haunted libraries, handled countless faded documents in archives, and read hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers. They have driven thousands of miles over highways that crisscross the Delta, slice through deep pine forests, follow river valleys, and ride the ridges of the Ozarks and Ouachitas. It is hoped that out of this collective effort has come an account that represents fairly the yesterday and today of Arkansas.

The editors are deeply grateful to all of the persons named in the List of Consultants appearing in the Appendix. Appreciation for exceptionally valuable assistance is due M. C. Blackman, W. J. Lemke, and L. A. Henry, all of whom read the entire manuscript. Most of the drawings are by Clifton King. Fletcher Miller and H. A. Thomas each contributed two drawings.

The several quotations from Thomas Nuttall Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory, 1819 are reprinted from Volume XIII of Thwaites' Early Western Travels, by permission of the publishers, The Arthur H. Clark Company.

Mrs. Bernie Babcock, Assistant Supervisor of the Arkansas Writers' Project, and the late Charles J. Finger, former State Editor, supervised the early stages of the work. Jean Winkler, Walter E. Rowland, Miss Faye Webber, and Richard F. McCue were members of the editorial staff while the final manuscript was being prepared.

DALLAS McKOWN, State Supervisor . . .

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