Teaching Decision Making to Adolescents

Teaching Decision Making to Adolescents

Teaching Decision Making to Adolescents

Teaching Decision Making to Adolescents


This book describes a variety of programs -- firmly based in psychological theory and modern decision analysis -- that are suitable for teaching adolescents how to improve both their own decision making skills and their understanding of the decision making of others. Providing practical advice as well as theoretical analysis, this volume addresses general questions such as the nature and rationale of the enterprise, its implementation, and its evaluation. Relevant to several current adolescent problems including drug abuse, this is an excellent source, either as research, new curriculum, or enrichment of old curriculum.


Baron Jonathan University of Pennsylvania

Rex V. Brown Decision Science Consortium, Inc. Reston, va

Scope of book


It is easy to find decisions that turn out badly. Teenagers get pregnant, couples enter into marriages that end in divorce or physical conflict, national leaders promulgate policies that drive their own (or other) countries into ruin, citizens vote for leaders who do this, and we all waste time and money in countless ways.

The chapters in this book assume that bad outcomes often result from poorly made decisions. By teaching people to make better decisions, we can improve their lives. By teaching decision making to adolescents, we have a chance to influence the decision making of a much broader range of citizens than those who attend college. We also have a chance to influence decision making before many bad decisions are made.

The chapters here are concerned with methods of instruction in decision making that could be used with adolescents. the book is directed primarily to those who want to attempt such instruction, either as new curriculum, as enrichment of traditional curriculum, or as research. It is thus directed to teachers, teachers in training, educational researchers, and research students. the book attempts to answer several questions about decision making suggested by an old saw: Is it broke? Can we fix it? What will it take?

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