The Story of the CIO

The Story of the CIO

The Story of the CIO

The Story of the CIO


This book is partly history and theory, and it is partly journalism.

A reconstruction movement in American labor like the CIO cannot be understood outside of its historic setting, and it has no meaning except in terms of its fundamental intellectual drives. They are as much a part of The Story of the CIO as is its unfolding drama. But that part is already history. Another convention, a great strike, an industrial victory, or a factional defeat cannot change this background.

The rest of the book is journalism. It is the biography of the CIO from its birth until today. It reports its struggles on the industrial front and behind the lines. It deals with living men and issues, with shifting factors and emerging facts. And like all journalism, this part of the story has to end with the printer's deadline.

I want to thank the many friends in the CIO, among both the leaders and the rank and file, who have helped me. Their experience and knowledge is the living material of my research. Many of them have read this book not only in manuscript but as it was being written. But of course they are not responsible for my opinions and conclusions.


August 25, 1938
New York City . . .

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