Locke on Money - Vol. 2


Analyzing Superfund: Economics, Science, and Law probes key issues involved in the Superfund reauthorization debate and analyzes the future of this controversial environmental liability and remediation program. Revesz and Stewart bring together important theoretical and empirical work from the research community on four issues central to the evaluation of Superfund: cleanup standards, the liability regime, transaction costs, and natural resource damages. Superfund has been roundly criticized in many different quarters, making clear the need for dispassionate study of the law and its myriad ramifications. Issues addressed in this book will endure long after legislative action is completed. An important contribution to debate over Superfund and American environmental policy. Contributors: Maureen L. Cropper, Lloyd S. Dixon, John D. Graham, Shreekant Gupta, James T. Hamilton, Lewis A. Kornhauser, Katherine N. Probst, Richard L. Revesz, March Sadowitz, Richard B. Stewart, George L. Van Houtven, W. Kip Viscusi, Katherine D. Walker.