The Fascists in Britain

The Fascists in Britain

The Fascists in Britain

The Fascists in Britain


In describing British Fascism I have drawn my terms of reference pretty narrowly, confining it to groups which actually used the word 'Fascist' in their campaigns. Most of the space, naturally, goes to the movement led by Sir Oswald Mosley, whose early career it has seemed necessary to chronicle in some detail. Fascism is a creed requiring vigorous personal leadership, and it would be difficult to describe the British variety without discussing the personality and history of Sir Oswald. The final chapter steps outside the terms of reference to indicate very briefly the way in which the former Fascists have redeveloped their policies since the war; it does not claim to be a full study of post-war developments.

My approach to the subject has been in a spirit of pure inquiry and I have tried to ignore my personal political views, which are anti- Fascist and unsympathetic to anti-Semitism or racialism.

One difficulty has been to avoid any form of McCarthyism. There are a few ex-Fascists who since the war have achieved prominence in politics, the law, medicine and public life generally, and it could be a hardship to them to revive old controversies. I have, therefore, adopted a principle of mentioning nobody simply for the reason that he achieved prominence after leaving Fascism. The names given in the book are of people who played a significant part in the development and organization of Fascism or who were already well known when they joined the Movement.

Unless membership of a Fascist movement is clearly stated, in no case is it intended to be implied that anybody mentioned in this book was a Fascist member or supporter.

I have adopted the convenient habit of dropping all personal titles, save where they are needed for purposes of identification.

The book would have been impossible to prepare without the assistance of a large number of people who have given information . . .

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