Synopsis of the Military Life of Sucre

Synopsis of the Military Life of Sucre

Synopsis of the Military Life of Sucre

Synopsis of the Military Life of Sucre


If you read,--or rather, please do read the following synopsis not between the lines, letting your imagination play around the skeleton framework,--but please read with an intense concentration on each carefully chosen word. Then you will clearly perceive an unusual phenomenon, a double exposure of two startling, almost identical Venezuelans, the author and his subject.

The identical spiritual fervor pulsates through the soul and deeds of the one as of the other. Each unswervingly dedicates himself to consummating the genius of the Liberator Simon Bolivar. Each is totally unconcerned about personal glory or aggrandizement; in fact each is identical in self-effacing labors for converging all credit upon their magnificent Leader.

Identical in their sublime devotion to Simon Bolivar; identical in their youthful military training; author and subject are likewise identical in the manifold constructive services for their country. Each is elevated to the Presidency; each restores civilized, democratic order, guaranteeing the unhampered functioning of the Bill of Rights and the honored Constitution--political amnesty is declared and the freedom of the press; first emphasis is given by each to the general public welfare--with especial consideration for the underprivileged--, to widening the public education system, to improving public health and sanitation, to increasing and facilitating public communication. justice is completely severed from politics.

Finally, each is identical in retiring voluntarily from public life on completion of the term of office,--to enjoy the warmth and grace of home, friends and family, as a private citizen, in his own beloved country.

ALMOST identical--but for one lamentable event,--Sucre's tragic martyrdom while still only in his middle thirties. Gen. Lopez Contreras is in the early prime of maturity, he has many years,--vigorous years before him. May he be granted the health and leisure to enjoy them--and to acquaint us more liberally of his compatriots.

Perhaps the military tactics, comprising the major portion of this too succinct synopsis, is timely and interesting to many outside West Point. We would prefer more details concerning the whole personality of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho. How illuminating it would be to have an authentic biography by a native Venezuelan, who not only is profoundly sympathetic towards his subject, but who thoroughly steeped in his country's history, understands and knows how to convey the psychology and culture of his countrymen.

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