Formerly British Honduras: A Profile of the New Nation of Belize

Formerly British Honduras: A Profile of the New Nation of Belize

Formerly British Honduras: A Profile of the New Nation of Belize

Formerly British Honduras: A Profile of the New Nation of Belize


William Setzekorn weaves the folklore, facts, history, culture, economics and geography of Belize into an exciting mini-encyclopedia. His portrait of this proud new nation is painted with humor, gentleness, fact and empathy presenting a credible picture of modern day Belize. Reading with the ease and excitement of a novel it is more than a history book, a travelog or an encyclopedia giving the reader a feeling of kinship with the struggles and joy of this tiny new nation.

A mixture of Africans, Mestizos, East Indians, Europeans, Syrians, Lebanese, Mayans, and Chinese; Belize has grown into a heterogenous mosaic of a strong and brave country which is no bigger than Cambridge, Massachusetts. Studying the influences of British domination and Spanish intimidation up to the recent movements for self-government and independence, Setzekorn presents to the reader an accounting of Belizean social and political vicissitudes a long and tortuous, yet coherent, struggle for national and cultural identity."


A number of years ago I attempted to find something in my local library concerning British Honduras and discovered a lamentable gap in the "917" shelves. Little of a general nature has been written on this subject since Archibald Gibbs' dissertation in 1883. To my knowledge, no up-to-date survey is available for the student, general reader, or for the tourist and investor for whom this country has recently begun to hold great interest.

What is available are a few commendable books and monographs about specific features of the country; many written for the political scientist and most with a definite British slant. Most of these are listed in the Annotated Bibliography at the end of this volume. Some offer invaluable, and often penetrating, views into certain narrow aspects of Belizean life or history.

Yet, the general reader may find these studies difficult to appreciate without a proper background in local history or knowledge of the human factors which have molded life in Belize. The purpose of this book is to provide that background.

This book aspires to provide an overview of the country as it is today; its geographical, cultural, social, and economic features against a comprehensive historical background to demonstrate how these features have developed from the Settlement's found-

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