The Battle for Pusan: A Korean War Memoir

The Battle for Pusan: A Korean War Memoir

The Battle for Pusan: A Korean War Memoir

The Battle for Pusan: A Korean War Memoir


Addison Terry served in the defence of the Pusan perimeter, in what was to become one of the most perilous conflicts of the Korean War. His memoirs tells the story of how a team of poorly equipped, inexperienced soldiers coped with battle.


In my lifetime which has consumed ninety-one years I have committed just about all of my time to military matters. My readings as a boy were centered on military history. My studies at West Point were anchored by the great military classics. My senior officers provided ongoing instruction in the tactics and art of war. Yet when I was committed to aerial combat in China there were great surprises and I found that with all my study and indoctrination there were many challenges which had no school solution.

As a cadet at The Academy and as a student officer at Randolph Field I always wondered: All of this is speculation; what's real life combat like? In my book God is My Co-pilot, I tried to relate my combat experiences in the skies of China and Burma to theories that I had read about. But I quickly discovered that mortal combat must be lived to understand.

When I started to read Add Terry The Battle for Pusan, I thought that it would be just another old soldier's war story. It isn't. The manuscript was written in the fall of 1950 and the winter of 1951 in a hospital ward at Fort Benning; written while the wounds still hurt and the young memory still fresh. It rushes the reader from hill to hill. The sound, the heat, the mud, and the fear overwhelm you. The surprising and significant command decisions that were in the hands of company grade officers are not unlike the freedom of action associated with fighter pilots.

The performance of the 27th Regiment is remarkable. General Walker's use of his regiment as his "fire department" is leg-

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