Essentials of Political Research

Essentials of Political Research

Essentials of Political Research

Essentials of Political Research


Concentrating on the basics of what a student need to know how to do to be an effective consumer of scientific research and begin to conduct his or her own research projects, this text includes numerous examples and exercises.


This book is intended as a comprehensive text for an introductory course in research methods for the social sciences. While written with students of Political Science in mind, it would be appropriate for similar disciplines.

The intention in this book is to concentrate on the essentials. Given the broad scope of this book and its relatively brief length, I have attempted to concentrate on what seem to be the most important points necessary to understanding the research process. At the same time, I have attempted to cover those points in sufficient depth that the reader will be able to understand them. Therefore, it has been necessary to dispense with some technical details that a longer and more advanced text might include.

In writing this book, I have drawn on over twenty-five years of teaching this subject matter to students of Political Science at Illinois State University. Drafts of the manuscript have been used as a text for several semesters, and my students have been helpful in correcting and refining the text. Any errors that remain, however, are my responsibility.

Alan D. Monroe . . .

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