Fidel Castro: Rebel, Liberator, or Dictator?

Fidel Castro: Rebel, Liberator, or Dictator?

Fidel Castro: Rebel, Liberator, or Dictator?

Fidel Castro: Rebel, Liberator, or Dictator?


The Latin-American dictator is an egomaniac, a man of greed and at times a sadist.

He is determined to enrich himself from the income of the national treasury and considers the entire nation is his personal domain.

He crushes everyone who is an obstacle in his path.

He demands nonintervention in his affairs but is always intervening in the internal affairs of other nations.

He orders the persecution, torture, assassination and exile of his political, military and commercial obstructionists.

He restricts freedom of assembly for opposition political parties or bans adverse political activity.

He converts the labor bosses into docile political tools of his regime or bars unions.

He professes to be anti-Communist but gives the Communists a free rein to operate so he can undermine and destroy his political and labor opposition.

He always brands his critics and opponents as Communists--in order to ingratiate himself with the State Department and the American public--when an overwhelming majority of them are the contrary.

He acquires a personal fortune by devious means and becomes the owner of steamship lines, air lines, bus lines, newspapers, radio stations, farms, plantations, businesses and industries.

He eradicates the independent press and radio and television by bribery, threat, intimidation, legislation, confiscation, destruction and seldom by purchase.

He denies to the people the right to dissent.

He directs the thought control of the entire population and insists upon the deification of his person and of his relatives.

He has hospitals, plazas, stadiums, ports, towns, cities and even states named after himself, his wife and his relatives.

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