Clause Structure and Language Change

Clause Structure and Language Change

Clause Structure and Language Change

Clause Structure and Language Change


This is a collection of previously unpublished papers on a specific topic in historical linguistics - clause structure, an issue of central importance since the pioneering work in the late 1980s by Chomsky and Pollock. The collection testifies to the recent renewal of interest in questions of diachronic syntax, a consequence of the new emphasis on comparative issues in the principles and parameters framework. Languages studied in this volume include all the major Romance and Germanic languages.


This collection of papers developed from material presented at the First Generative Diachronic Syntax Conference, held at the University of York in April 1990. The idea for that meeting was Adrian Battye's. Since then, the Conference has developed into a series, with a second meeting at the University of Pennsylvania in November 1992 and a third one currently planned for the Free University of Amsterdam in March 1994.

Adrian Battye passed away in March 1993. Until a short time before his death, we collaborated in editing this collection. With the exception of one final revision of the Introduction, and the choice of the running order of the papers, the book is our joint work.

I would like to dedicate this book to Adrian's memory.

Ian Roberts Bangor, August 1993 . . .

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