A Rocky Mountain Sailor in Teddy Roosevelt's Navy: The Letters of Petty Officer Charles Fowler from the Asiatic Station, 1905-1910


Given that enlisted personnel are the forgotten men of naval history, it is difficult to find intimate portraits of sailors as persons, & not just as crew members. Charles Smith Fowler's story would have been lost had it not been for his older sister who kept the letters he had written her. With the help of the Fowler family, Rodney Tomlinson collected & edited over 200 pages of Charlie's writings to his sister, Clare, & presents them here for the first time. Charlie's tales of bluejacket life in Teddy Roosevelt's emerging modern navy are arguably the longest & most articulate single personal exposition ever written by a U.S. sailor. His words shed new light on navy life from a sailor's perspective at the turn of the century.


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