Gentleman's Agreement: A Novel

Gentleman's Agreement: A Novel

Gentleman's Agreement: A Novel

Gentleman's Agreement: A Novel


ABRUPT AS ANGER, depression plunged through him. It was one hell of an assignment.

"You'll find some angle," John Minify said.

"It'll need an angle all right." He squinted his eyes and looked off past Minify's shoulder as if he were taking the measure of some palpable thing there.

"Take your time on it." Minify spoke without urgency. "I think you might turn out a great job."

Philip Green nodded, not in agreement with the comfortable words, but in affirmation of his own estimate of the job ahead. It would be flabby, lifeless, unless he found some special approach to it. Instinct, experience, past failures as well as past successes, all helped him now in his quick appraisal.

"If you want," Minify went on, "we'll borrow the clips on it from some newspaper morgue. There'd be plenty of names of agencies and committees to start on."

"Committees." The certainty of future boredom, of wasted listening, laced his depression with resentment. Minify surely could have found a more manageable subject for his first job as a staff writer. "The clips would help," he said. "Thanks." He half closed his eyes, drew his lower lip in taut over his teeth as if he were shaving his chin, and sat thinking. "I'll start researching it, anyway. There must be plenty of dope around."

"I wouldn't force this series on you," Minify said. "Knock it around awhile and we'll talk again."

"O.K." Phil stood up, without finality. He was in his . . .

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