Security against War - Vol. 2

Security against War - Vol. 2

Security against War - Vol. 2

Security against War - Vol. 2


In February, 1922, the Court of Justice was formally established; and in May, 1922, it received its first question from the Council of the League of Nations. The Council requested an advisory opinion on behalf of the International Labor Office. This Office was created under Part XIII of the Versailles Treaty and is established as part of the organization of the League.


This question concerned an interpretation of the Versailles Treaty, namely, whether the Workers' Delegate from the Netherlands to the Third Session of the International Labor Conference in 1921 had been nominated in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 389 of the Treaty of Versailles. The provisions under which nominations take place are as follows:

"The members undertake to nominate non-Government Delegates and advisers chosen in agreement with the industrial organizations, if such organizations exist, which are most representative of employers or work people, as the case may be, in their respective countries." (Par. 3).

"The names of the Delegates and their advisers will be communicated to the International Labor Office by the Government of each of the Members." (Par. 6).

"The credentials of Delegates and their advisers shall be subject to scrutiny by the Conference, which may, by two-thirds of the votes cast by the Delegates present, refuse to admit any Delegate or adviser whom it deems not to have been nominated in accordance with this article." (Par. 7).

Five Confederations of Trades Unions exist in Holland, as follows: The Netherlands Confederation of Trades Unions (218,596 members); the Confederation of Catholic Trades Unions (155,642 members); the Confederation of Christian Trades Unions (75,618 members); the Netherlands General Confederation of Trades Unions (51,195 members) and the National Labor Secretariat (36,038 members). All five were invited by the Minister of Labor of the Netherlands to confer upon the choice of a delegate to the International Labor Conferences held in 1919 in Washington, in 1920 in Genoa, and in 1921 in Geneva.

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