Stewards of Democracy: Law as a Public Profession


Stewards of Democracy beckons judges and lawyers to a professional tradition supportive of the institutions of self-government. It challenges the beliefs of many American judges, legal scholars, and law teachers that political decisions can often best be made by high courts who are independent of the citizens they purport to govern. Among those challenged to reconsider their roles are the Supreme Court of the United States, eminent legal scholars, and distinguished law schools, which reinforce one another in the belief that they know best how Americans should live. The careers of Thomas Cooley, Louis Brandeis, Ernst Freund, Learned Hand, and Byron White are considered as examples of the contrary tradition respectful of democracy as the source of the political, economic, and social stability required to sustain other valued rights.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1999


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