Manual of Mathematical Physics

Manual of Mathematical Physics

Manual of Mathematical Physics

Manual of Mathematical Physics


The goal of this book is to condense established theoretical physics, its applications and its mathematical equipment into a single reference volume of reasonable size without sacrificing either logical continuity or fundamentals. In this way, each formula appears in its deductive context and its origin, as well as any approximations or assumptions which it may entail, can readily be determined.

To render this ideal more approachable the Physics section has been limited to theories which have been well established by experiment, and their deductive ramifications have been terminated while the results still maintain a wide utility in applications. Likewise, the Mathematics section has been economized by omitting much material which can be found in tables of integrals or in compilations of the properties of the classical functions of analysis.

To facilitate rapid extraction of information, an attempt was made either to define or to cross-reference every special concept and every symbol within at least a few pages preceding its every appearance, although some exceptions necessarily occur with the more standard symbols.

Three guides for finding information have been provided: (1) The table of contents displays the overall organization of the material and lists the major subjects within each chapter. (The chapter number forms the first half of each equation number.) (2) The left-hand page headings designate the major subject area, while the right-hand page headings mention individual items which appear on the corresponding pair of pages. (3) The index is as complete as the author could make it and should suffice to locate any item contained in the book.

The index has also been designed for use as a dictionary of terms and concepts, by including even items which are merely mentioned or parenthetically defined in the text.

Any suggestions or comments which users may feel would add to the general utility of the book, either as a reference or as a study guide, will be gratefully received.

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