Land, Power, and Poverty: Agrarian Transformation and Political Conflict in Central America


The second edition of Land, Power, & Poverty provides a comprehensive & current analysis of the relationship between agrarian structures & political turmoil in Central America. Each country chapter is brought up-to-date, & the author covers recent scholarship & events since 1986, including the decreasing militarization in the region. Discussion of the environmental consequences of agrarian change is also expanded. Contents: Introduction: Agrarian Transformation & Political Conflict. AGRARIAN TRANSFORMATION. Agrarian Transformation Before 1950. The Postwar Transformation of Central American Agriculture. Agrarian Transformation & Rural Economic Security. POLITICAL CONFLICT. Guatemala: Between Reform & Terror. El Salvador: From Obstruction to Civil War & Toward Reconciliation. Nicaragua: From Obstruction to Revolution & Back Again. Honduras: The Limitations of Reform. Costa Rica: Toward Sustainable Development. Conclusion: Land, Power, & Poverty.


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