La Casa de Mis Sueanos: Dreams of Home in a Transnational Mexican Community


In the small village of Napizaro, on the border of Mexico & Southern California, local peasants have learned to operate in two worlds to survive: they participate in the global capitalist economy by sending migrants to the United States in order to succeed as small-holding farmers. But as marginalized workers in a segmented labor force, they are unable to secure a full livelihood in the United States; thus they must retain the links to their agrarian roots, including retaining right to ejidal property. Casa De Mis Suenos is an exploration of conflict between the ideals of home, centered on community & family in Mexico, & the need to earn a living, which entails long sojourns in the United States. Despite the apparent ease with which Mexican natives move across borders, participation in international labor markets necessitates dividing the community. It also calls into question the notions of village, house-hold, nation-state, & self, which have lost their descriptive power in the context of transnational capitalism. The book is more than an engaging account of the realities which pervade one small village-it's an examination of the politics, poverty, wealth, & social & economic changes with affect the entire Mexico/ Southern California border today.

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