Ancient Lovers of Peace

Ancient Lovers of Peace

Ancient Lovers of Peace

Ancient Lovers of Peace


In our day of rapid thought and movement, when our lives seem already too full, do we stop in the midst of it all to remember that the present is rooted in the past?

Do we more often forget that today's scientists would be unable to accomplish what they have done and are doing without the work of those who have gone before?

Let us pause for a moment and take the case of electricity, for example, and by following its history get a glimpse of how many experimenters it took to bring it to its present push- button stage.

I remember an illustration of this: when in the little village of Como, on the edge of the lake, I found myself standing beside the memorial statue of the scientist Alessandro Volta, who discovered for us the unit of measurement of electricity.

And thinking of our day, how interesting it is in passing to recall the fact that the Greeks had knowledge of the atom! Sir William Cecil Dampier writes: "The atomic philosophy marks the culmination of the last great period of Greek science." And the same applies to all education.

James H. Breasted, one of the greatest modern scholars of prehistoric eras, says: "Each civilization profits by that which has preceded it." And so I shall show later how the culture . . .

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