A Diplomat Looks at Aid to Latin America


This important new book will be preferred reading for persons in our government who are concerned with diplomacy and aid. It will be invaluable to students of international affairs. And as a case-study of our multibillion-dollar aid program to Latin America it will be of great interest to the American taxpayer.

Ambassador to five Latin American countries where aid was one of his principal responsibilities, Mr. Beaulac believes that aid programs can be important to our foreign policy objectives. However, he points out that they can be a form of escapism. He is highly critical of the Act of Bogota and less than enthusiastic about the Alliance for Progress, which, he feels, has tended to increase problems. Yet, Ambassador Beaulac was one of our government's earliest proponents of aid, and he remains an enthusiastic supporter. His advice and suggestions for the future of our aid programs is therefore important and timely.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Carbondale, IL
Publication year:
  • 1970