Techniques of Observing the Weather

Techniques of Observing the Weather

Techniques of Observing the Weather

Techniques of Observing the Weather


The beginning of all meteorology, weather forecasting, and climatological studies lies with the original observations of weather and other atmospheric factors. To establish a firm foundation for these sciences a basic and uniform system of observing has been adopted by the International Meteorological Organization. Observing weather is in most countries the responsibility of the government. Observer training has been conducted as an "inservice" program, and all official observing instructions are issued by the government. Most of the official government documents are directed to the experienced observer and are on an "operational" plane.

This book was written for high-school and college courses in elementary meteorology and weather observing. It may also be used by the layman who wants to take up the hobby of weather observing.

Because of the requirement of uniformity in practices of observing, the text follows closely the various United States Weather Bureau instructions on observations.

I wish to express my appreciation to Mr. A. J. Crowshaw for his invaluable assistance in editing the book and to Mr. L. F. Hafer for his assistance in preparing the illustrations. Considerable technical assistance was also given by Mr. L. P. Harrison and Mr. A. V. Carlin.

To Dr. F. W. Reichelderfer, Chief of the United States Weather Bureau, I express gratitude for his interest and encouragement in the preparation of this book.


Washington, D. C. November, 1947 . . .

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