The Great Conspiracy against Russia

The Great Conspiracy against Russia

The Great Conspiracy against Russia

The Great Conspiracy against Russia


I do not know of a greater contribution which has been made to world peace through better international understanding of Russia, her present as influenced by her past, than. and Michael Sayers have made through their great book, The. Great Conspiracy Against Russia.

If there can be real understanding between Russia on the one hand, Great Britain and the United States on the other, there can be a true lasting peace. We of the Western world know our own past and see it in terms of our own experience, of course. But so few of us know what has been the experience of the people of Russia and, therefore, most of us do not realize why they happen to have their present opinions.

What the authors of this book have done is to take the period beginning with the Revolution in Russia and let us see the world a bit through Russia's experience. In short, they have bestowed the rare gift for which the poet Burns yearned by letting us see ourselves as the Russians see us -- out of their experience.

A continuation of the disastrous policies of anti-Soviet intrigue so vividly described in this book would inevitably result in a third world war. That is why this book should be read and studied by all those eager to see peace durably established in the world. This work is required reading for every American and British statesman, and, for that matter, required reading for every citizen of both countries.

Surely, if the major nations and peoples of the earth can look upon each other with sympathy and genuine understanding, we have the brightest hope for an enduring peace mankind has ever had in its heart.

All of us are debtors to Mr. Kahn and Mr. Sayers for their telling us this story containing so much of pathos and tragedy.


June, 1946 United States Senator from Florida . . .

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