Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work


This book was designed with a view toward presenting in permanent form the Official Report of the Democratic National Convention of 1948 and including in it, a brief history of the Democratic Party, the Demociatic National Committee, the Platform of the Democratic Party and other pertinent data of historical interest.

The major speeches and addresses to the 1948 Convention are given in chronological order. It is felt that the accompanying maps and charts and other addresses will have an interest to all readers concerned with government.

Grateful acknowledgement and thanks are extended to all members of the staff of the Democratic National Committee who contributed invaluable aid in assembling the data contained herein. Special appreciation is extended to C. Edgar "Ed" Brown for his careful and painstaking editing and in supervising the book through to its Systemation.

Acknowledgment and thanks are extended to the newspapers and picture services which have generously permitted reproduction of items previously published.

It is hoped that the book will be of value to the individual citizen in recording the role of the Democratic Party in the continuing drama of democratic government.

WELBURN MAYOCK, Chairman, Local Democratic Political Committee of Pennsylvania.

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