The Significance of the Fine Arts

The Significance of the Fine Arts

The Significance of the Fine Arts

The Significance of the Fine Arts


The Committee on Education of the American Institute' of Architects has produced this book for use as a textbook in American colleges, and for general reading and study by the public, with the purpose of arousing interest in the fine arts and creating a better understanding and appreciation of them.

A study of the fine arts is one of the best means that can be employed for training the mind, developing and refining the judgment, and for obtaining a fund of information that is useful and practical throughout life.

The fine arts embrace many of the essential activities of human life, the building of the home, its furnishings and equipment, the housing of every industry, vocation, or calling, the building of cities, the providing of amusements and many of the features of life upon which we depend for our enjoyment and pleasure.

Furthermore, the industries and commerce of the country depend to an important degree upon the fine arts. Every manufacturer who produces an article which, for its sale and enjoyment by the purchaser depends upon its design, must look to art for a large measure of his success in business.

Our lives are surrounded by art in its manifold expressions: it is thus not only desirable but essential that our schools and colleges provide us with both knowledge and appreciation of this subject.

Art also exercises an important influence in the formation of human character.

Each individual is constantly called upon to exercise a choice, based upon attractiveness and fitness, of the things which he is to possess, and of the activities of life which furn-

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