Sexual Deviations as Seen in Handwriting

Sexual Deviations as Seen in Handwriting

Sexual Deviations as Seen in Handwriting

Sexual Deviations as Seen in Handwriting


"Once again Ms. Bernard has brought the science and art of graphology into miraculous and harmonious balance. Her handwriting analyses bypass all social prescriptions and pedagogics. Directly, and without censorship, she penetrates the minds and souls of the writers. She presents a myriad of sexual expressions of the famous and infamous, artfully smoothing the disturbing wrinkles with clear explanations and beautiful illustrations. Her subjects vary from surpassingly great geniuses¿homosexuals like Leonardo and Michelangelo¿to weird cult killer Charles Manson and the Satanist, Son of Sam."¿CANADIAN ANALYST


by Evanne Geltzeiler Chief Questioned Document Examiner Forensic Sciences Division of American Standards Testing Bureau, Inc.

At birth, society takes a look between the legs and immediately defines the masculine and feminine roles as the infant is wrapped, appropriately of course, in a pink or blue blanket. Marie Bernard finally takes us from the crotch to the brain. She does it brilliantly, and in a genuinely captivating way through analysis of handwriting.

Handwriting is one of the human body's most expressive moments, and just like joyful laughing or doleful frowning, the impulse begins in the brain. The gestures of laughing and frowning, like most other expressive movements, are fleeting and transitory. But handwriting is preserved on paper, thereby providing a permanent record of the writer's personality for experts, like Marie Bernard, to decipher with extraordinary accuracy.

The myth about the sexual prowess of a bald man may or may not be true, but the trail left by the nib of his pen will reveal the answer. Movement and form are expressions of the inner life of the writer. Marie follows writing trails and explains the meanings of the strokes as they loop and swirl across the writing surface. Embellished or simplified, compressed and controlled, or released and spontaneous, the wide scope of possibilities is seen and graphologically interpreted. This book is an invaluable course in the study of handwriting analysis, and it is also amply entertaining.

There is something in this book for everyone. Professional graphologists and lay readers alike will marvel at the extraordinary collection of handwritings and at Marie Bernard's incisive, informed and logical explanations of what they reveal about the writers.

In a sense, this book is a direct confrontation with the worn, impractical and impoverished sexual stereotypes of the past as Marie ingeniously exposes the usual and the unusual in sexual appetites. Narrow, conventional views of sex-roles may themselves be unhealthy, and greater sex- role deviation may lead to more satisfying relationships.

An astonishing master of graphology, Marie Bernard presents a myriad of sexual expressions of the famous and infamous. She artfully smoothes the disturbing wrinkles with clear explanations and beautiful illustrations. With an independence of mind and spirit she has combined her high intelligence and diligent efforts to produce a major work on a delicate and controversial subject. Marie has not only done what she set out to do, she has done it with integrity, with sensitivity and with passion.

Startling sexual variety, creative abilities, and different lifestyles are graphically depicted by Marie through the handwritings of beloved members of the world of arts--among them Marcel Proust, André Gide, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Henry James, Cole Porter, Gertrude Stein, and scores of others who have left artistic gifts and treasured legacies. Through their handwritings, Marie meticulously reveals their intimate sexual secrets and preferences.

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