Roman Poetry, from the Republic to the Silver Age


Thebest of classical Latin poetry in a vital English verse translation described by early readers as "superb." Ms. Wender, who is a published creative writer as well as a classicist, has done much with her unflinching translations to restorethe powerwielded by the originalpoems. She has increased the usefulness and accessibility of her collection by providing a lively introduction to each of the nine poets she presents in translation. When little is known about the poet himself, she places him within a coterie of contemporaries who are better known. The poets and works presented are: Catullus,Songs;Lucretius, Selections from DeRerum Natura;Virgil,Eclogues2and 4 and selections from the Georgics; Horace, Satire1, 9("The Bore") and selected Odes;Propertius,Elegies;Tibullus,Elegy1, 1; Ovid,Amoresand "Echo and Narcissus" from Metamorphoses; Martial,Epigrams;and Juvenal, Satire ("The City of Rome").

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Carbondale
Publication year:
  • 1980


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