Chronology and Index of the Second World War 1938-1945

Chronology and Index of the Second World War 1938-1945

Chronology and Index of the Second World War 1938-1945

Chronology and Index of the Second World War 1938-1945


This is a consolidated edition of a Chronology which, after an initial issue covering the period September 1938 to March 1941, was published in quarterly parts throughout the war. The passage of time has made possible a re-assessment of the relative importance of the events recorded in the original issues, and some details have been omitted, particularly in entries dealing with military operations. It has also been possible to include information which for security reasons was withheld during the war, and to give the actual dates of many events which for the same reason had previously to be recorded under the dates on which they were announced. The type has been entirely reset, and various improvements in presentation have been made.

A full index with essential cross-references would have doubled the size and price of the volume and thus reduced its usefulness. The principal events printed in bold type throughout the volume have therefore been given in alphabetical order on pages 369 to 374, and it is hoped that this compromise will prove satisfactory.

The publication of this edition provides an opportunity of thanking those who have at different times compiled the Chronology: Mr. Harold Stannard, Mrs. P. E. Baker, and Miss J. M. Eltenton; and Mrs. N. Hall, who has also been responsible for preparing the present edition.

Chatham House, St. James's Square, London, S.W.1. May, 1947


NEARLY thirty years have passed since the end of the Second World War, yet such is the interest in those disastrous but inspiring years, that rarely a month passes, without some publisher issuing a book or part-work on the subject.

Of all the works published on the war, none has proved to be more useful than this Chronology of the Second World War, published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, it is for this reason that we have decided to reprint it.

However, unlike the compilers of the original volume, who felt that an index would reduce its usefulness, we have added an index, to enable the user to trace the events that are recorded, more easily.


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