Minorities in Higher Education

Minorities in Higher Education

Minorities in Higher Education

Minorities in Higher Education


"Minorities in Higher Education is a candid discussion of the issues associated with the transformation of American society and minority participation in higher education. The book is a major contribution to the national debate on how to expand minority participation in higher education and in the social, economic, and political life of the nation." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


As you read the research studies in this book, you perhaps will have a similar reaction to that of my own. At first it was one of great interest to discover how much our efforts had helped change the picture of higher education in the United States. After all, we've been working diligently, devising new strategies and innovations; we've bent backward trying so desperately to make a difference.

But then, as I continued reading through the articles, I began to worry and feel a tremendous sense of frustration. Where were the fruits of our labors? After all the dust of the 1980s settled, had we done nothing more than rearrange the chairs around a larger table, with only a few new faces present?

Finally, recovering from my dismay, I discovered new energy. Energy that comes from the sense of urgency described in these pages. An urgency to admit our failures, applaud our successes, and renegotiate the terms of our commitment to providing access and success for those minorities too long disenfranchised from our systems of higher education.

This, then, is a call for strong and involved leadership. The kind of leadership that presidents and chancellors must provide. In only the rarest of cases, can such profound change as required by these findings and suggested by these authors occur without the strength and moral initiative of a president. In fact, I would propose that it is the absence of presidential leadership that has produced such marginal gains in some areas and such intolerable backsliding in others.

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