The Story Factor: Secrets of Influence from the Art of Storytelling


Storytelling is the oldest tool of influence, an essential ingredient to the development of culture and organizational life. In this groundbreaking book, maverick consultant, writer, and storyteller Annette Simmons applies the lessons of storytelling to management and leadership. Showcasing stories from the front lines in business, as well as parables, myths, and fables from around the world, Simmons shows how anyone -- managers, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, even social activists -- can enhance their communication success by applying the principles of storytelling. From launching new business models to making more effective presentations to getting buy-in for new proposals and initiatives, The Story Factor offers practical guidelines for mastering the art of persuasion and developing more productive relationships with colleagues, employees, bosses, investors, and customers.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Cambridge, MA
Publication year:
  • 2001


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