Rabbinic Literature and Gospel Teachings


The present book is intended as a sort of supplement to my Commentary on the Synoptic Gospels, to which I am often obliged to refer (second edition, 1927). In that Commentary I gave very few parallels to the religious and ethical teaching in the Gospels which can be gathered from the Rabbinical literature. Here the omission, to some extent at any rate, is supplied. In this brief introduction I want to explain the limitations of the book and its point of view.

I cannot claim credit for learning. Though some of the Rabbinical passages quoted come from my own reading, and though all, or almost all of them, have been directly translated from the original (while in doubtful or difficult cases I have had the immense advantage of Mr. Herbert Loewe's help and revision), yet far the greater number of the citations can be found in, and were indeed taken from, Strack-Billerbeck's magnificent collection. In fact, StrackBillerbeck and Moore together would probably contain all that I have here quoted, with a great deal more. It is, perhaps, 'the great deal more' which, together with my special point of view, may constitute the justification for the present venture. Strack-Billerbeck's volume on Matthew runs to 1055 closely printed pages, and the section in Volume II. which deals with Mark and Luke comprises 301 -- a total of 1356 pages. Moreover, in the big fourth volume, the salient excursuses come to many hundred pages more. It is to be feared that the scale of the book precludes the knowledge or the use of it from general readers. I do not suppose that my own modest work could have been written at all had not Strack-Billerbeck paved the way for it. But its comparative brevity may make it of use to those who would find Strack-Billerbeck too voluminous. I limit myself entirely to the religious and ethical teaching of the Gospels and of the Rabbis. All other matters -- antiquarian, historical, even . . .

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  • London
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  • 1930


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