The Left Strikes Back: Class Conflict in Latin America in the Age of Neoliberalism


The Left Strikes Back addresses the neglected topic of popular resistance to capital globalization & neoliberal polices, & considers the future of the revolutionary left in this region. James Petras shows that the current stage of capital globalization & the weakening of the ability of established popular groups to defend themselves have generated an important organized response on the part of those whose standard of living is most undermined & threatened by the process. The book argues convincingly that we can now see the emerging forms of resistance in new, popular organizations which, while frequently local & provincial, nevertheless have developed an international consciousness. By discussing their spatial-economic focus, social base, style of political action, & political perspective, The Left Strikes Back both identifies & differentiates the different waves of the Left. Further, it presents data documenting the growth, contradictions, & political challenges that confront these burgeoning socio-political movements.


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