Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling

Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling

Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling

Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling


From the authors of "Smart Moves" comes the handbook all salespeople need in their bags. "Smart Moves for Selling" provides 120 checklists to help salespeople close the very best deals.


If you don't have a selling system of your own when you are face to face with, a buyer, you will unknowingly default to his system.

-- David Sandler

Let's face facts. If selling were easy, every sales professional would meet or surpass sales goals, turnover would be nonexistent, and sales managers would want their children and grandchildren to follow in their footsteps.

But it's not easy. Trying to get leads and then trying even harder to get those buyers to return your call is enough to make anyone disheartened, frustrated, and sick. Fighting to keep existing customers constantly wooed by competitors makes even the! most upbeat salesperson wonder if maybe there isn't an easier to way to make a buck. But you don't have to succumb to the frustration and heartache. You don't have to wish for success and carry lucky charms. You can reduce your pain and increase your sales. You can do it because David Sandler did it and created a renowned sales training program that has helped thousands achieve financial success.

Sandler's quote begins our book and provides our first tip for reducing your pain. Even though buyers never attend training prograins entitled "How to Deal with Salespeople," they nonetheless all seem to follow the same system. Your buyer feels little if any remorse about ignoring your calls, soliciting free market information, controlling your agenda, and draining your energy. Without your own set of proven principles and rules, you will "unknowingly default to his system," a system guaranteed to make you feel overworked, unappreciated, and underpaid.

Masterful sales professionals are neither lucky nor gifted. They do not dream, wish, or hope for victory. They go out and make it happen. The wannabe salesperson hopes for luck, the . . .

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