Handbook of the War

Handbook of the War

Handbook of the War

Handbook of the War



A Rapid Glance at Europe Since Versailles The Minority Problem -- Economic Paradoxes -- Descent to War -- The Strange New War

2. THE GEOGRAPHY OF LAND WAR15 The Highway of the Aggressors -- Belgium Again? -- Natural Barriers -- Mountains to the South -- Strategy After Munich -- Terrain for Blitzkrieg -- The Balkan Tangle -- Back Door to Germany - Battlefields on the Baltic

3. ARMED MEN33 Counting Heads -- National Characteristics -- The French Tradition -- The New German Army -- England and Italy -- The Russian Steam Roller -- Army of Commissars -- Initial Striking Power

4. THE WAR OF ATTRITION44 The Western Front -- Trench Technique -- The Break-Through -- The Structure of the Armies -- Guns and Howitzers -- Lessons of Trench Warfare -- The Maginot Line -- The Siegfried Line -- Stalemate

5. THE WAR OF ANNIHILATION57 The Development of the Tank -- The Spanish Laboratory -- Anti- Tank -- Army in Trucks -- Blitzkrieg in Poland

6. AIR: THE NEW DIMENSION69 Germany Jumps the Gun -- The London Target -- Air Strategy on the Continent -- The German Assembly Line -- The British Spurt -- France, Italy, and Russia -- Mass-Produced Pilots -- Anti-Aircraft -- The Defense of Cities

7. SHIPS AND STRATEGY89 Aims of Modern Naval War -- Geography and Life-Lines -- Instruments of Sea Power -- The Capital Ship -- The Cruiser -- Flotilla Craft -- Naval Weapons -- Air Power at Sea -- Security of the Base

8. THE SEA FRONT109 British Strategy and Strength -- Germany's New Navy -- 'Pocket Battleships' -- The U-Boat War -- The French Navy -- Italy Builds for Speed -- The Soviet Enigma -- Theaters of War: the North Sea -- The Baltic Area -- War in the Mediterranean

9. THE ECONOMIC FRONT135 What is War Potential? -- Germany's Preparation for War -- Stocking the Cupboard -- Industrial Capacity -- The Armaments Race -- How Strong is the Soviet Union? -- Balance Sheet

10. CAN GERMANY BE BLOCKADED?153 Russia -- a German Reservoir? -- The Resources of the Balkans -- Other Sources of Supply -- How Can Germany Pay? -- The Strategic Raw Materials -- Iron and Oil: Weak Spots in Germany's Armor -- Further Essentials --The Food Supply -- Will Germany Starve Again?

11. MERCHANT SHIPPING181 Feeding Britain -- Raw Materials from Overseas -- The Shipping Crisis of 1917 -- Are there Ships Enough Today? -- The Purchasing Power of the Allies -- Blockade and the Rules of the Game -- Bludgeoning the Neutrals -- Plugging the Leaks -- They Begin Where They Left Off

12. PAYING FOR THE WAR203 The Prophets are Confounded -- How the Last War was Paid For -- Controlled Inflation -- The Task Today -- Distributing the Load -- The Burden of Debt

13. PROPAGANDA215 The Home Front -- Elementary Rules: (1) The Noble Cause -- (2) The Vicious Enemy -- (3) The Certain Victory -- Morale in the Trenches -- Undermining the Enemy -- Winning the Neutrals -- America: the Great Prize -- Tricks of the Trade -- Our Sales Resistance

14. THE DEFENSE OF AMERICA227 Defensive Strategy: Offensive Tactics -- Protecting the Sea Lanes -- Defense in the Pacific -- The Atlantic Front -- The United States Army -- Our Neutrality -- War Boom? -- Unneutral Opinion


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