Bolivar the Liberator

Bolivar the Liberator

Bolivar the Liberator

Bolivar the Liberator


A republic, a province of Colombia, the largest port on the Orinoco (Angostura)--a whole tribe of towns and villages to-day bear the name of Bolivar. His portrait appears upon the stamps of several countries. All over the world there are streets called after him. There is a gold coin called Bolivar, and a kind of hat. During the 'glorieuses' of 1830 the Parisians sang a hymn in praise of Bolivar upon the barricades. If Miranda had his name inscribed beneath the Arc de Triomphe in the list of heroes compiled by Napoleon, in 1832 Bolivar's profile, modelled on a medallion by David d'Angers, was in the gallery of great men.

Few have attained to such glory as did Bolivar.

In France to-day historians of the highest repute, writing of Bolivar, are betrayed into the most deplorable of errors.

The wars of emancipation in South America were not brought about by rebellion of the natives; they were civil wars between Spaniards--Spaniards from Spain against families established in America for several generations and tired of European government.

Bolivar, the great hero of the independence of those provinces known as Tierra Firme, belonged to a very old Spanish family.

Space will not allow me to quote in full the letters and speeches of this man whom they called the Napoleon of South America. Many of the 'Libertador's'

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