Report on War and Post-War Adjustment Policies. February 15, 1944

Report on War and Post-War Adjustment Policies. February 15, 1944

Report on War and Post-War Adjustment Policies. February 15, 1944

Report on War and Post-War Adjustment Policies. February 15, 1944




Letter of transmittal1

PART II Report4

PART III Summary index of recommendations32

PART IV Addendum40

1. Settlement of terminated war contracts40

Workable plan sought--Joint Contract Termination Board-- Approved by all procurement agencies-- Basic principles of speed, finality, and protection of government--Danger of Comptroller- General's review before payment--Vigilance against fraud-- Settlements by teams--Written reports--Other safeguards-- Training schools--Need for interim financing pending settlement--"A complete financial kit" to do the job-T Loans-- Smaller War Plants Corporation Loans--Direct Government Loans--90 percent advance--Pre-termination preparedness-- No blank checks--Complex problems of subcontractors--Immediate payments to subcontractors---Uniform article for subs-- Quick validation of nuisance-size claims-Legislation needed-- Experiment with Company-wide settlements--60-day clearance of plants--Functions of Chairman of Joint Board--An independent civilian--Contractors' part--Importance of basic approach to settlement--no padding of claims--no blackjacking of business.

2. Surplus property56

Immediate surpluses developing--Speedy action needed--Coming months easiest for disposa--Kind of organization needed-- Surplus Property Administrator--Surplus Property Policy Board--Disposal outlets--Consumer goods--Capital and producers' goods--Ships and maritime properties--Food--Central policies--Use of industry committees--Functions of Surplus Property Board--War Production Board--Relation of surpluses to industrial controls--Use of existing field force--Legislation for disposal--Administrator to report to Congress-- Choice of Administrator--Qualities of man--Leasing--Sale on Credit--Right to exchange properties--No hidden subsidies-- Sales in small lots--Keep America strong--Timing vital--Reduce national debt--Preference to local ownership--Goldfish Bowl policy--No speculation--Flexibility vital--Real property study--War housing--Permanent good housekeeping--No monopoly--Surpluses abroad--Inflation bulwark--Improve efficiency of arsenals--Special problems of plants--Peacetime prospects of plants--Size of plants--Subdividing possibilities--Plant brochures and publicity.

3. Tightening the mobilization machine69

Demobilization inseparable from war at this time--War adjustments already being made--Over-all direction by Office of War Mobilization--New agency unwise--Conflict with war--Difficulties in staffing a new agency--Too much Government overlapping--Reduce Government as work dwindles--General tightening of operations needed--Running conspectus--Review of requirements--Strengthening of industry advisory committees-- Exchange of information between Armed Services and civilian agencies--OPA--Foreign Policy--Role of Congress--Balancing the program--Expansion of civilian uses--Cut backs on raw material production--Stockpiling dangers--Stock piles of strategic reserves--"X Day" planning--Review of wartime controls--Extension of needed war powers--Forecast on resources--Civilian priority list--Chain of materials--Chain of industrial integration--Fair competition--Physical reconversion--Advance tooling--Human side--"Work Director"--Veterans--Labor force.


Uniform termination article78

1. Letter to Director Byrnes79

2. Text of uniform article83

3. Text of accompanying statement of principles on cost determination87

4. Directive order making them effective90

APPENDIX 1. Joint Contract Board's statement of policy on termination financing91

APPENDIX 2. Joint Board's statement of policy as to removal and disposition of property in connection with contract termination98

APPENDIX 3. Summary of roles assigned agencies102


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