The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire

The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire

The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire

The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire


This interpretive analysis describes the important role of the medieval Orthodox Church during its formative period. The first section discusses landmarks in ecclesiastical affairs within the Empire and the increasingly influential contacts with neighbors. Part II examines the nature and structure of the Church, its officials and organization, its form of monasticism, the development of the eucharist and the liturgical year, and the spirituality of laity, monks, and clergy.


I should like to express my grateful thanks to the Trustees of the Leverhulme Foundation for the award of an Emeritus Research Fellowship and to the Trustees of the Bethune-Baker Fund for a grant towards the cost of typing. A good deal of the work for this book was done in the Gennadius Library and in the British School at Athens and more especially in the University of Cambridge Library where I have to thank hard-pressed assistants for their generous help.

This book is built on the work of past and present scholars too numerous to thank individually. But I should like to say in gratitude how much I owe to the late Norman Baynes who introduced me to the thought-world of East Rome. And it is a pleasure to acknowledge my special indebtedness over the years to three living scholars -- Jean Darrouzès, Herbert Hunger, and Paul Lemerle -- whose distinguished work has opened avenues leading to a more constructive view of an often changing Byzantine society. I am also most grateful to Julian Chrysostomides and Henry Chadwick both of whom read the typescript and made valuable suggestions.


5 June 1984


I am grateful to reviewers for pointing out misprints and errors which I have tried to put right. It has not been possible to cover bibliography for the years 1984-9 though one or two items have been inserted, but I have added lists of Byzantine Emperors, Popes and Patriarchs of Constantinople, and maps.

J. M. H.

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