Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Hegel's Philosophy of Right


This book is a translation of the work which Hegel published in 1821 under the double title: Naturrecht und Staatswissenschaft im Grundrisse and Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts (Natural Law and Political Science in Outline; Elements of the Philosophy of Right). The text of that edition is the basis of the translation, but reference has also been made to the editions of Gans (Berlin, 1833 and 1854—the first and third editions of Hegels Werke , vol. viii), Bolland (Leyden, 1902), and Lasson (Leipzig, 1921). Lasson has recorded in his edition the results of his collation of previous editions. The translator has tacitly accepted Lasson's corrections of misprints in the first edition and has confined his textual notes to recording (a) Hegel's own corrections of his published text (which are printed in Hegels eigenhändige Randbemerkungen zu seiner Rechtsphilosophie , hrsg. von G. Lasson, Leipzig, 1930), (b) some of Lasson's emendations, and (c) certain emendations of his own, most of which are corrections of Hegel's cross-references.

In his editions of the book, Gans intercalated into Hegel's text a number of Additions culled from notes taken at Hegel's lectures; these have been translated here (from Gans's 1833 edition, except where otherwise stated), but in order to distinguish them from what Hegel published himself, they have been relegated to an Appendix. The point in the text where Gans inserted an Addition is here indicated by [A.].

The use of square brackets in the translation indicates that the matter enclosed between them is the translator's.

Hegel subjoins to many of his Paragraphs explanatory notes which are here printed in smaller type and referred to throughout as 'Remarks' in order to distinguish them from the translator's 'Notes'. The latter are exegetical and illustrative only; they fall short of a full commentary and provide no criticism of Hegel's argument.

§ 2

The translator is specially indebted to previous workers in this field, first to F. Messineo, whose translation has been a valuable . . .

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