The Little Misery (Le Sagouin)

The Little Misery (Le Sagouin)

The Little Misery (Le Sagouin)

The Little Misery (Le Sagouin)


Why go on saying that you know your lesson, when it's quite obvious that you don't? ... You just learned it off by heart, didn't you now?"

There was the sound of a slap.

"Go to your room, and don't let me set eyes on you till dinner-time!"

The child raised his hand to his face and felt it gingerly, as though his jaw had been broken.

"Ooh! that did hurt!" (he might as well make the most of his advantage) "I'll tell Mamie, you see if I don't! ..."

In an access of fury, Paula grabbed her son's skinny arm, and administered a second slap.

"Mamie, eh? ... well, here's something for you to go whining to your father about! ... what are you waiting for? ... get out of my sight!"

She pushed him into the passage, shut the door, then opened it again to fling lesson-books and notebooks after the retreating Guillaume. Still snivelling, he squatted down on his heels and picked them up. There was a sudden silence: not so much as the sound of a snuffle in the darkness. At last she had got rid of him!

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