They Studied Man

They Studied Man

They Studied Man

They Studied Man


The labors involved in writing this book were unevenly divided. The plan of the book was conceived by Abram Kardiner, but Edward Preble did the major part of the work. Kardiner must take special responsibility for the final section of the work. Most honorable mention must go to Mr. Arthur Cohen for his persistence and determination in bolstering the courage of the authors, and for his valuable editorial assistance.

A collaboration of this kind can be compared to the focusing of binoculars with individual eye focus, where joined but independent views are slowly integrated. Introduce now the hand of a third party on the binoculars' housing and the analogy is complete.

We are grateful to Helene Boas Yampolsky, daughter of Franz Boas, and to Jozefa Malinowska Stuart, daughter of Bronislaw Malinowski, for valuable biographical information and for generous co-operation and hospitality.

William Duncan Strong, Columbia University, read part of the manuscript and made comments which are greatly appreciated.

We are indebted to James Dunbar Pickering, Gettysburg College, for simplifying unnecessary complications; and to James J. Walsh, Columbia University, for complicating misleading simplifications.

Maytee Preble typed the original manuscript in the peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich factory that constitutes her kitchen, and in this setting was prompted to make spon-

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