The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography

The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography

The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography

The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography


This bibliography is a starting point for those interested in researching the American Indian in literature or American Indian literature. Designed to augment other major bibliographies, it classifies all relevant bibliographies and critical works and supplies listings not cited by them. The author's general introduction provides bibliographical background for those beginning research in the field. Cited works are listed alphabetically by the author's or editor's last name in each of three categories: bibliographies; works about the Indian in literature; and Indian literature. Each citation is numbered and the cross-referenced subject and author indexes refer to each work by number, thereby facilitating speedy reference.


This work is intended to serve as a starting point for students of the American Indian in literature or of American Indian literature. Researchers, teachers planning curricula, and librarians at all levels will find it especially useful.

Several years ago, when I was a graduate student trying to write a critical paper on the role of the Indian in American fiction, my first trips to the library turned up few references to the Native American in literature and even fewer references to Native American literature. However, I soon discovered that the problem was not that there wasn't such information--indeed, there turned out to be a large and ever-increasing supply of it--but that little bibliographical control had been exercised over it. I set out to do something about that and, happily for all of us trying to do research in the field, so have several others.

It is to the good fortune of all of us that none of us recently producing a bibliography seems to have greatly duplicated the work of any other. There is some overlap from one bibliography to the next, but in every case the focus of the work is different, and the nature of the annotations (if any) is unique.

There is no comprehensive bibliography on the American Indian in literature, but there have been some recent listings of Native American literature that can be considered nearly so. Bibliographies dealing specifically with Native American literature--that is, with works by Indian authors--are discussed generally in the introduction to the Native American Literature section of this book. Of those bibliographies that, like this one, deal with several aspects of literature by and about Indians, only two really have much in common with this one, and there are some important differences. (The numbers in parenthesis are the entry numbers of the listings in this collection).

Jack Marken The American Indian: Language and Literature (180) offers nearly 3,700 listings of books and articles in sixteen categories but with emphasis on works by Indians. Marken lists about 100 bibliographies and some works on literature, including nearly 200 critical discuss-

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