Issues and Trends in Contemporary African Politics: Stability, Development, and Democratization


Africa, at the close of the twentieth century, has witnessed a tremendous amount of social, economic, & political transformation. By tackling the issues of political instability, democratization, & economic development, this book goes to the heart of the African conundrum & makes an invaluable contribution to Africa's development. Written by Africans, it offers a much needed <> that is often lacking in most development literature. African authors are not so encumbered by <> or <> & can write more candidly on events as they see them. The book constitutes a long-awaited break with orthodoxy & makes a pioneering effort to tackle issues traditionally spurned by experts because of their rigid separation of economic development & politics. The writers offer constructive solutions to Africa's problems - solutions which only Africans would dare to suggest. Contents: George A. Agbango: Political Instability & Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Nchor B. Okorn: Violence: The Perennial Obstacle to Social, Economic & Political Development in Nigeria 1960-1990 - George A. Agbango: The Crises of Nation Building: The Liberian Experience - Julius O. Ihonvbere: Election Monitoring & the Democratization Agenda in Africa: The Case of the 1991 Zambian Elections - Baffour Agyeman-Duah: Global Transformation & Political Reforms in Africa: The Case of Ghana - Yakubu Saaka: Legitimizing the Illegitimate: The 1992 Presidential Election as a Prelude to Ghana's Fourth Republic - Henry A. Elonge: Visions of Change in Cameroon Within the Context of a New World Order - Walle Engedayehu: Ethiopia: The Pitfalls of Ethnic Federalism - Margaret C. Lee: South Africa: The Long & Arduous Road to a New Dispensation - Akwasi Osei: South Africa in the African Dilemma - Julius O. Ihonvbere: Democratization in Africa: Challenges & Prospects - George Ayittey: Obstacles to African Development - Julius O. Ihonvbere: Pan-Africanism: Agenda for African Unity in the 1990's?

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • George A. Agbango
  • Nchor B. Okorn
  • Julius O. Ihonvbere
  • Baffour Agyeman-Duah
  • Yakubu Saaka
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1998


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