Low's Cartoon History, 1945-1953

Low's Cartoon History, 1945-1953

Low's Cartoon History, 1945-1953

Low's Cartoon History, 1945-1953


4 November 1940

When Hitler bargained with Molotov in 1940 he made a last try to talk Russia out of South-Eastern Europe. But Molotov stood out for his two stock ideas: security arrangements with Bulgaria and Turkey; and a Soviet base in the Dardanelles. The more Hitler argued, the more Molotov stiffened his attitude.

28 October 1943

Salvoes for Russian victories were booming when Foreign Ministers Hull (U S) and Eden (Britain) visited Moscow in 1943. They wanted to talk about the future of the small States bordering on Russia, but Molotov was deaf in that ear. The Soviet Government had already determined to make its own post-war security system without outside interference.

20 February 1945

The end of the war found the world "magnificently unprepared" for peace. Europe looked to the U S as the one belligerent with its riches and industrial mechanism intact and even greatly extended, hoping for not only the means but the inspiration to reconstruction.

9 August 1945

The release of atomic energy brought a question to the human race would Man, so ingenious in invention, apply the new discovery to the constructive arts of peace, creating for himself immeasurable material betterment? Or would he, so immature in reflection, use it as yet another means to the conquest of power. thereby risking his own utter destruction?

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