The Bamboo Cage

The Bamboo Cage

The Bamboo Cage

The Bamboo Cage


Examines the persistent rumours that many US servicemen and possibly others of various nationalities were never released at the end of the Vietnam War and still languish in jails in Indo-China. The book claims that the American and Australian governments covered up the fate of their soldiers.


America's involvement in the war in Vietnam ended 18 years ago, but surveys suggest that between 73 and 85 per cent of Americans believe that American servicemen are still being held prisoner in Vietnam and Laos. They believe in it, however, in the same way they believe in UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle. No heavyweight book about this issue has hit the book stores. No serious TV documentary about it has been aired on network TV in America. The official histories of the American prisoners who came back from the Vietnam War, like POW by John G. Hubbell, don't even mention the possibility that other PoWs may have been left behind. Responsible journalists blithely say there is no evidence to suggest that Vietnam held American prisoners after the end of the war. However, if you bother to look at the evidence, you'll find that it is a mile high.

And it is not just Americans who are missing. Britons, Frenchmen, Germans, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, Moroccans, Algerians, Chinese and Filipinos all disappeared in the maelstrom that was Indochina. No one seems the slightest bit concerned about their fate.

It isn't merely that a few men were accidentally left behind in Vietnam after the American withdrawal. Hundreds of American prisoners were held back as a deliberate policy of the North Vietnamese politburo. The American government knew it -- but there was precious little they could do about it back in 1973 and there is precious little they can do about it now. Indeed, there is abundant evidence that there are still live Americans being held captive in Vietnam and Laos today.

America is concerned about the fate of its missing men. The families of over 2,000 men listed as missing in action and still unaccounted for are desperate. The National League of Families, the American Defense Institute, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the . . .

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